Enfield, Barnet & Palmers Green Amnesty International Group
Serve FT tea & coffee at all meetings

Chicken Shed Theatre
Serve FT tea and coffee at meetings and at the bar.
Promoted FT goods in their 'Globaleyes' productions in 2002 and 2005
Performed in schools on a Fairtrade theme in FTF 2010, and plan to repeat in future years

Community and Environment Project Office (CEPO)
Serve FT tea and coffee. Organic distribution scheme may include FT samples.

Conserve Africa Foundation

Support FT

Enfield Age Concern
Serve FT tea and coffee

Enfield and the Barnets United Nations Association
Support FT, sometimes serve FT tea and coffee.
Supported Civil Society Forum in instigating Fairtrade Campaign.

Enfield Caribbean Association
Serve FT tea and coffee at meetings

Enfield Council
Council has declared support for FT.
FT tea and coffee should soon be served at meetings in the Civic Centre and in the canteen.

Enfield Green Party
Support FT. FT tea and coffee served at most meetings.

Enfield Labour Party
Support FT. Initiated council debate which resulted in council's declaration of support for FT

Enfield Liberal Democrats
Support FT

Enfield Over 50s Forum
Support FT. Held a public meeting about FT with 90 people present

Enfield Racial Equality Council
Support FT. Sometimes serve FT tea and coffee, and considering holding FT events.

Enfield Saheli
Support FT

Grange Park WI
Serve FT coffee at meetings

Helping Hands Enterprises
Support FT

Lancaster Centre
Serve FT tea and coffee at meetings.
Have had a window display supporting FT.

North London Morning Orchestra
Serve FT tea and coffee at mid-morning breaks

O-Bay Community Trust
Serve FT tea and coffee. May support FT events when resources permit.

Serve FT tea and coffee. Used to sell many FT products in their Palmers Green and Southgate shops and at church fetes and bazaars

Ponders End Community Development Trust
Serve FT tea and coffee

Sisters in Islam (Muslim Girls Club)
Support FT