Primary Schools
Primary School 

One of the school’s governors was an elected Council Member and an active member of the Enfield Fairtrade Steering Group. She has expressed a strong desire to increase Fairtrade activities in the school particularly as the school has a high proportion of children from Bangladesh.

Bowes Primary School
The school is seeking to achieve accreditation as a Fairtrade school. It has held whole school assemblies and lessons about Fairtrade food, fashion and sports equipment. The staffroom uses Fairtrade products (catering account from Traidcraft). Local MP David Burrowes attended a Fairtrade coffee morning during Fairtrade fortnight in 2008. A teacher from the school is an active member on the Enfield Steering Group, and has supported several children to continue their Fairtrade interest when they leave the school to take up secondary school places. The Fairtrade message and ethos is reiterated through the school’s link with Ghana , where teacher exchange visits have taken place.

Capel Manor Primary School
Working towards Fairtrade status

Carterhatch Infant School
Working towards Fairtrade status

Chase Side Primary School
This school is involved in running a summer school in 2008 for its year 6 pupils en route to chase Community Secondary School (around global issues) including Fairtrade.

Chesterfield Junior School
Working towards Fairtrade status

Churchfield Primary School
Working towards Fairtrade status

Eastfield Primary School
Aiming to become a Fairtrade School

Junior School  
They have held Fairtrade Assemblies, and have done some teaching on the subject.

Eversley Primary School

This school has held a Fairtrade assembly.

Freezywater St George's Primary School
Aiming to become a Fairtrade school.

Forty Hill Primary School
All beverages are Fairtrade, and other items wherever possible - including a set of drums!

Galliard Primary School
Part of the Global School Partnership*. Known to have done work on Fairtrade

George Spicer School

Included a Fairtrade stall (provided by us) at their Christmas Bazaar, Nov 2007

Grange Park Primary
Teach Fairtrade in RE lessons

Hazelbury Primary
Have had a Fairtrade assembly for 5-6 year-olds

Highlands School
Known to have had some lessons on Fairtrade

Latymer All Saints School
Had Fairtrade assemblies during Fairtrade Fortnight 2009.

Lavender Primary School
Fairtrade is part of their curriculum

Oakthorpe Primary School
Has had assemblies on Fairtrade

 Prince of Wales Primary School
A Fairtrade school - the first primary school in Greater London. They have a Steering Group; all tea and coffee in the staffroom is Fairtrade, and it is being introduced to parent groups; a talk is planned for the autumn term; the theme of Black History Month will be Fairtrade; there was a Fairtrade stall at their Food Event in June; there is a display in the school; had 2 Fairtrade assemblies (for Key Stages 1 & 2) on 22.9.08

Raynham Primary School
Working towards Fairtrade status

St Edmund's Primary School
Talks about Fairtrade are in progress. They have a Fairtrade African drum. The reception class made chocolate krispies in Fairtrade Fortnight 2009.

St John's C of E Primary School
Have had at least 2 Fairtrade assemblies. At the second one (15.9.08) nearly all the children recognised the FT mark.

St John & St James Primary School
Have had Fairtrade assemblies

St Michael’s Primary School
Fairtrade tea and coffee are served in the staff room.  A Fairtrade stall was held at Christmas 2007

Stark's Field Primary School
Have appointed a teacher in charge of organising Fairtrade in the school.

Walker Primary School
Have had Fairtrade assemblies

West Grove Primary School
Working towards Fairtrade status

Wilbury Primary School
Part of the Global School Partnership. The whole school (and the Bishop of Edmonton) joined in the
Go Bananas! event in Fairtrade Fortnight 2009; all the children also attended Fairtrade assemblies in

Wolfson Hillel Primary School
Have done a few sessions on Fairtrade in year 5. Collected labels from supermarkets.

Worcester Primary School Included a Fairtrade stall (provided by us) at their Christmas Bazaar, 23-11-2007
Held a Fairtrade assembly 13-3-2008

Secondary Schools
Broomfield School

Fairtrade is covered extensively in the Citizenship curriculum; also being included in the year 7 integrated humanities curriculum. International evenings have a Fairtrade stall. Have had Fairtrade assemblies. The profile of Fairtrade is likely to be higher now as the school has Humanities Specialist status.

Chace Community School
This school with its feeder school Chase Side primary school organised a week's summer school in 2008 for new intake students around global issues and prominently featured Fairtrade. They have regular Fairtrade Fair. About to apply for Fairtrade status(Sept 2012)

Enfield County School
Has been part of the Great Coffee Morning national campaign (29-2-2008); has held Fairtrade assemblies in both the Upper and Lower schools and had talks on Fairtrade from the Campaign. Working towards becoming a Fairtrade school

Kingsmead School

Tea and coffee in the staffroom is Fairtrade; they organised a "Love Planet Earth" event to promote awareness of climate change and Fairtrade; have sold Fairtrade biscuits,bananas, oranges - and bananas in chocolate! They have created a "Taste of Teachers" celebrity recipe book which includes a Fairtrade section. Baked and sold Fairtrade chocolate muffins and chocolate brownies throughout Fairtrade Fortnight 2009.

Latymer School

Latymer World Community Society do a lot of work on Fairtrade. Used to sell Fairtrade chocolate until Jamie Oliver put a stop to it! Looking into selling other products.

Oasis Academy
Met their local MP (Joan Ryan) and wrote to local shopkeepers about Fairtrade chocolat. Working towards Fairtrade status

St Anne's Girls School
Fairtrade group has been active since 2006. Have weekly Fairtrade stalls at both school sites. 6th form students have produced and delivered assemblies to raise awareness of Fairtrade issues. Fairtrade taught in lessons in some subject areas during Fairtrade Fortnight. Fairtrade refreshments served at all school meetings and public events. Working towards Fairtrade School status.

St Ignatius School
Had a debate on Fairtrade with their local MP (Joan Ryan). Have had Fairtrade stalls. Working towards Fairtrade status.

Southgate School
In the early stages of working towards Fairtrade School status.

Turin Grove Academy
Working towards Fairtrade status

Winchmore School
FT is taught as part of the "Opening Minds" curriculum to all year 7 pupils. Had a Fairtrade Week as part of Fairtrade Fortnight 2009

Special Needs Schools

Durants School
Part of the Global School Partnership*

Oaktree School
Had a talk on Fairtrade, followed by a Fairtrade Coffee morning and sale, March 2008.

Waverley School
Working towards Fairtrade status


Capel Manor Agricultural College's canteen (also open to the public)
serves only Fairtrade tea, coffee and chocolate

The College of Enfield, Haringey and NE London's canteen at 73 Hertford Road, EN3 5HA
serves Fairtrade tea and coffee and other products

  Middlesex University.
A Fairtrade University. Their canteen at their Trent Park site serves Fairtrade tea, coffee, fruit juice and other products


Early Years Social Inclusion 

The Early Years Social Inclusion department, which is based in Durants School, has Fairtrade Coffee and sugar in its office at all times. The EYSI co-ordinator buys Fairtrade bananas when she goes into primary schools to do small-group work.

23rd Scouts, and Explorers, at Palmers Green URC
Have had talks on Fairtrade (provided by us) 

3rd Edmonton Brownies
Participated in the Go Bananas! event during Fairtrade Fortnight 2009

Southgate Adelaide Cricket Club Colts
Having Fairtrade included in coaching sessions. A Fairtrade cricket match may follow.

*DFID Global School Partnership promotes partnerships between UK schools and schools in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean .