Acorn Printing
Sellers and printers of Fairtrade and Fair Wear T-shirts etc
Enfield council
Our local council
Ethical TV
Ethical TV channel run by the Co-op - includes some videos on Fairtrade
Fairtrade Foundation
See this site for a fuller explanation of what Fairtrade is, products available etc
Fairtrade v Rainforest Alliance An independent comparison of the two main ethical marks
Holtwhites Bakery
Home delivered bread and cakes with Fairtrade ingredients
London Fairtrade Campaign
The campaign that made London the biggest Fairtrade City in the world
London Food Link
The alliance for better food and farming
Love Geobar
Traidcraft's fun site promoting their Geobars
My Coffee Stop
Fairtrade cafe on Enfield Chase Station
One-to-One (Enfield) Fairtrade pages
Enthusiastic partners in Fairtrade
Shared Interest Finance for Fairtrade
Traidcraft Major Fairtrade product suppliers and one of the founder members of the Fairtrade Foundation
Village Wholefood Store One of Enfield's most ethical independent shops
Wikipedia on Fairtrade Good summary of the issues
Zodingdi (Formerly the Handloom Shop) Local home-based shop selling Fairtrade clothes produced by disadvantaged people in India.