Events coming up 

Help out on a Fairtrade stall at an Enfield event and help farmers and their communities in developing countries at the same time!

We have no events planned at the moment until Fairtrade Fortnight: Feb 28th to March 13th, 2011

Contact to make sure you are notified of anything that's happening!

How you can help in general

  • Join our steering committee. We meet 4 times a year. Membership is by invitation.
  • Join our activists group. We meet about once a month to plan actions and events.
  • Help out at events (see above!). We  run stalls at other people's events as opportunities arise, and organise our own event(s) for Fairtrade Fortnight (usually the last week of Feb and first week of March) and maybe other times.
  • Help us find out which shops sell Fairtrade products and which cafes and restaurants serve them. This involves a fair amount of legwork, and maybe (optionally) trying to persuade the reluctant to come on board.
  • If you are a member of a local organisation, or a church, mosque, synagogue etc, persuade them to use Fairtrade tea and coffee, and tell us about it. We need to be able to list lots of local organisations to show that Enfield civil society supports Fairtrade. If your church (mosque, synagogue...) is a Fairtrade one, let us know.StAldhelms15thFeb029.jpg

  • if you work in a business in Enfield, persuade the canteen to sell Fairtrade products and tell us about it. We need to know there are businesses in Enfield supporting Fairtrade in this way as part of the accreditation process for a Fairtrade Borough. Does your hairdresser serve you tea or coffee while you wait? Or your estate agent? Have them make it Fairtrade and let
    us know.
  • If you and your workmates provide your own tea and coffee, make it Fairtrade. Let us know.
  • If the school you go to/your children go to/you work in is a Fairtrade school, or has a Fairtrade stall, or teaches about Fairtrade in lessons, or has ever had a Fairtrade assembly, let us know.
    If they do none of that - encourage them to start!WilburySchoolGoBananas2.jpg
  • Let us know about any shop/cafe/restaurant/church/.... you know of selling/serving Fairtrade products which does not appear in our Directory (see 'Where can I buy FT products?'). If possible include details of which products.
  • Buy Fairtrade products yourself. If you do nothing else, you can always do that!
  • If you can help with any of these, get in touch. You can send us a message through the 'Contact us' page, or ring Bill Linton on 020 8372 1325, or email