Fairtrade Fortnight is coming up (Feb 27th to March 11th). We'll be keeping you up to date with what's happening where.

Sunday Feb 19th (a bit early!) St Aldhelm's have a 'Pancake Cafe' with Fairtrade ingredients. They will also have Fairtrade stalls on each of the following 3 Sundays

Wednesday/Thursday March 6th/7th Enfield County School will have Fairtrade assemblies and (on the Thursday) a cake competition. They also have, during the course of the fortnight: 3 coffee mornings, a quiz, a Fairtrade geography game, decorating the stairs (part of the One Step campaign) and decorating a trainer (the footwear kind, I assume!)

Saturday March 10th St Mark's, Bush Hill Park will host their annual Big Community Fair-trade Tea Party, 1.30 - 4.00pm
Come along to sample Fair-trade tea, coffee, juice, wine and cakes made with Fair-trade ingredients.....

We know there's more than that going on - do let us know if you know more than we do (via the Contact Us page)